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For many millennia, bodily activities have always been a source of inspiration, studies, and many evolutions; they have always been a source of vitality, energy, health, and for bodily and mental well-being. One of the oldest and most famous bodily activities is Yoga, a philosophy of life that seeks the balance of body and mind, the expansion of consciousness and the union of the individual to his true nature and the nature of the universe. Originally from India, yoga is can be understood as a set of practices and knowledge developed more than 5,000 years ago and, although it admits innumerable strands and derivations, the essence is preserved around a common goal: to harmonize the body and the mind . Yoga makes use of three pillars: breathing techniques (pranayamas), yoga postures (asanas) and meditation. Anyone who has been practicing Yoga for some time, has already noticed benefits from practice, may be sleeping better, gained flexibility, controlled their weight, and is less stressed. Science is beginning to give concrete clues to more serious benefits of Yoga, such as improving health, reducing pain in general, and even preventing disease. Because of this, Yoga is being increasingly incorporated into the lives of many people, regardless of age, or gender, it greatly benefits the lives of many people in many ways. Increasing flexibility is one of the most obvious benefits of Yoga, but many others are also obtained, such as: It builds strong muscles; Emagrece; Improves posture; Protects the column; Improves bone health; Prevents joint pain; Improves blood flow; Drains lymph and boosts immunity; Raises heart rate; Regulates the adrenal glands; Lowers your blood pressure; It helps you to be healthier; Decrease blood sugar; Improves balance; It provides a relaxation of body and mind; Helps control the nervous system; Improve the tension in your limbs; Turbine your immune system; Prevents problems in the digestive system, among many others. Do not forget to change your life, and for much better, ensuring your quality of life, with the practice of Yoga.

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