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The importance of medical follow-up during physical activity

Due to our increasingly busy routines, lack of time and increased anxiety, more and more people get health problems caused by their sedentary lifestyle. Most of the time people begin to practice physical activities when they realize that they are already obese or facing some kind of health problem, and some of these people decide to do physical activities without the necessary medical supervision, that is, on their own what can be a big mistake and further aggravate the situation.

The harms that the practice of physical exercise without medical monitoring can cause are worrying, among them we can cite as the main physical injuries, the appearance of heart and joint problems.

But how to leave behind the sedentary lifestyle and change your life correctly?

The ideal is to always look for a specialist and see how to start your workout, the professional has studied for many years and he is able to say what is best for you. Do not forget to make a balanced diet and do not go too thirsty to the pot, do not hurry, each one has its own metabolism and we must respect it.

Tip: Stretching before starting your walk or jogging will improve your performance and prevent the onset of new injuries, hydrate yourself properly, and prepare yourself for new challenges.

To know moreĀ about leaving behind the sedentary lifestyle

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