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Sports Nutrition and Massage

Sports Nutrition is a very promising area in the science of nutrition and has been gaining more and more market throughout the world.

But what attracts this public that seeks sports nutrition as an ally?

In sports nutrition, the focus is always on maximizing the performance of the individual who practices physical activity, whether competitive or not, so the first step to be achieved is the improvement of the person's physical conditioning, followed by an increase in muscle mass and finally not least, the prevention of muscle injuries that are responsible for recovery after physical exercise.

One of the most important muscle injury prevention techniques we have today is sports massage that can be done before and after physical activity and plays a key role in injury prevention, body relaxation, toning muscle tissue and reducing muscle pain caused by the practice of exercises.
Sports massage can be performed on training days or on intercalated days and can be done on any individual who practices physical activities, ie it is a massage that can be done on anyone who is attracted to its benefits.

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