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Nowadays, increasingly troubled, agitated and stressful, some professionals are fundamental in our lives, to help us in matters of different natures, and in the area of ​​health, are the professionals most accessed and most needed at any time of the life, be it for our benefit, or for some loved one. One of the most essential health professionals these days is the psychologist, a psychology graduate who has studied a number of theories about why people behave the way they behave, and how it is possible to help them to overcome their difficulties or to develop in some way. The psychologist seeks to help the client understand the causes of their suffering and find ways to overcome it. It does not only serve people with psychiatric disorders (depression, schizophrenia, panic, among others), but anyone who is dissatisfied with some aspect of their life and wants to improve it, such as marriage, work, others. The psychologist is a professional who can help people of different ages, and today it is very common that he acts in the formation of several children, who already have some emotional disturbance. The psychologist seeks to understand the behaviors and mental functions of the human being. It applies scientific methods to understand the human psyche and to act in the treatment and prevention of mental illnesses and to improve their quality of life, and is indicated to all who have dissatisfaction in any scope, whether professional, personal, loving or financial. Adults or children who have thrills, undiagnosed illnesses and relationship problems are some of the cases where it is necessary to seek a psychologist. The follow-up with the professional will probably solve intimate issues, resulting in a lighter, fuller and happier life. The psychologist is a health professional, very versatile, able to work in several sectors, such as: educational institutions, sports clubs, clinics, doctor's offices, penitentiaries and hospitals. More and more we are dependent on professionals to improve our quality of life in all aspects, and certainly the psychologist is a good example, being useful for the whole family.

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