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Dehydration during physical exercise

That physical exercise provides health and well-being all of us already know, but today we will talk about a common problem during exercise. People who perform physical activity meet a range of environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, sun, or exposure to wind). Depending on the environmental conditions and clothing people use, exercise can induce significant elevations in body temperatures.

These elevations in body temperature trigger responses of heat loss, increased blood flow to the skin and increased secretion of sweat, and may lead to weight loss. With this scenario, we can emphasize the importance of fighting something common: Dehydration during physical exercise.

How can we combat this problem?

Ingestion of water in periods of heat and cold must be constant, because in the heat there is greater loss of liquid by perspiration and in the cold there is greater loss by respiration and by the low humidity of the air. In this sense, the practice of physical and sports activities should always be accompanied by bottles of water to prevent dehydration.

Unfortunately nowadays the climate changes that the world faces, has been causing the increase of the temperature and the decrease of the relative humidity of the air; with this, the practice of physical activity in open environments may increase the risk of dehydration and respiratory irritation.

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