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For many millennia, bodily activities have always been a source of inspiration, studies, and many evolutions; they have always been a source of vitality, energy, health, and for bodily and mental well-being. One of the oldest and most famous bodily activities is Yoga, a philosophy of life that seeks the balance of body and mind, the expansion of consciousness and the union of the individual to his true nature and the nature of the universe. Originally from India, yoga is can be understood as a set of practices and knowledge developed more than 5,000 years ago and, although it admits innumerable strands and derivations, the essence is preserved around a common goal: to harmonize the body and the mind . Yoga makes use of three pillars: breathing techniques (pranayamas), yoga postures (asanas) and meditation. Anyone who has been practicing Yoga for some time, has already noticed benefits from practice, may be sleeping better, gained flexibility, controlled their weight, and is less stressed. Science is beginning to give concrete clues to more serious benefits of Yoga, such as improving health, reducing pain in general, and even preventing disease. Because of this, Yoga is being increasingly incorporated into the lives of many people, regardless of age, or gender, it greatly benefits the lives of many people in many ways. Increasing flexibility is one of the most obvious benefits of Yoga, but many others are also obtained, such as: It builds strong muscles; Emagrece; Improves posture; Protects the column; Improves bone health; Prevents joint pain; Improves blood flow; Drains lymph and boosts immunity; Raises heart rate; Regulates the adrenal glands; Lowers your blood pressure; It helps you to be healthier; Decrease blood sugar; Improves balance; It provides a relaxation of body and mind; Helps control the nervous system; Improve the tension in your limbs; Turbine your immune system; Prevents problems in the digestive system, among many others. Do not forget to change your life, and for much better, ensuring your quality of life, with the practice of Yoga.

Our daily existence is only possible through food, and ingestion of liquids, like water, without this partnership we could not survive long. If food is a necessity, sometimes practiced in the family, tasting homemade dishes and appetizing, other times we eat out, with many options in gastronomy. For those who work, lunch is a routine common to anyone, some take their food from home, the famous lunchbox, some have the privilege of having a cafeteria in their work environment, and others are obliged to seek, among many options, a good place to feed, satiating their hunger, but with limited time for it. The self-service, popular "restaurante a kilo", came in the mid-1980s, when there were very few options for those who needed to eat out, whether they were workers or passers-by, allowing consumers to choose from various options such as salads, pasta, paying only for the amount consumed, without getting stuck the traditional dish, which comes with defined ingredients. Due to the demands of the modern world, the novelty did not take long to spread throughout the country. Of course, this is an increasing trend, for, at the threshold of the third millennium, when time is the scarcest good, ready, varied, nutritious, well-made food served in a comfortable environment and at an affordable price is the that we all need. Generally a good self-service restaurant has a nutritionist to adjust to a healthier and balanced diet, enabling a tasty gastronomy, as nutritious and with advantages to the body and health. People are looking for a self-service restaurant because it offers quick, and somewhat economical, food, saving your time and money, and the person chooses what to eat, making it possible to set up your dish to your liking. There are many people who live alone in large centers, and prefer this type of comfort, looking for the best self-service to eat, with a very varied menu, which can offer several types of meat cuts, when offering barbecue, among others many options. Certainly the choice for a self-service restaurant, is a great alternative food.

The animal world has always been fascinating for people of all ages, and no matter how indomitable your favorite pussy is, you could certainly have a plush or toy at home, after all, animals cheer our lives, whether physical or simple objects. Many people who love animals usually have some pets at home because the partnership is very healthy, and an animal affection is always welcome. Nowadays, many people around the world, cohabiting daily with their pussies, whether they are lonely people or living in a family, the pet, will always be a member of the family. Here in Brazil, the habit of owning pets is very common, in addition to having a deep awareness in their defense, with many NGOs and institutes that protect them. One of the biggest allies of any pet owner is the Pet Shop, widely found anywhere in the country, which are stores that provide support for pussies such as veterinarians, rations, utilities, toys, bath and crib , and many other service options. In Pet Shops, you can find many products for hygiene and beauty any pussy, such as shampoos, conditioners, soaps and perfumes to make pets clean and with that delicious smell after bath, you can also find many clothing products and accessories, such as clothes, shoes, ties, buckles, glossy stickers, gravitas and even costumes. In many Pet Shops around Brazil, your pet can make an appointment with the veterinarian, and immediately buy the prescribed medicines and treatment products to keep the pets' health up to date. Pets deserve a place made just for them, where they can live, seek shelter, spend the night, take an afternoon nap or just rest for a few minutes, so sell cottages, walkways, cages and aquariums in a good Pet Shop, in addition to other comforts like fencing, blankets and cushions. Many other products exclusive to the animal world, can be found in any Pet Shop in the country, know someone close to you.

One of the funniest and most enjoyable ways to lead a life is the practice of sporting activities, whatever the mode, to provide a healthier lifestyle. Every day, many people all over the world, develop some sport for socializing, fun and for health. In recent decades, there has been a change in the behavior of many people, and sedentarism has been replaced by sports practice. A sporting modality that is gaining more and more followers around the world these days is Crossfit, which is a general strength and conditioning training program that provides the widest possible physiological adaptation for any type of person, regardless of age or physical level, thus generating a greater optimization of all physical capacities; they are: cardiorespiratory resistance, muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and precision. Unlike conventional bodybuilding, which works the muscles in isolation, Crossfit uses functional movements inspired by gymnastics, weightlifting and athletics. Currently many academies have appeared in several countries of the world, exploring in depth this modality full of challenges, and Brazil also joined the practice of Crossfit, and has a good structure, with several academies and organizations of championships. There are several techniques used in Crossfit training, some are more traditional, and certainly will be in any championship of the sport, some of them are: Walking Lunge; Wall Ball; Hand Stand Push-Up; Rope Climb; Box Jump, among many others. Training CrossFit, we seek to develop and improve all our physical capacities, they are: cardiovascular (respiratory) resistance, muscular resistance, strength, flexibility, precision, power, agility, balance, coordination and speed, so this activity is so sought after, be complete, and provide a healthier lifestyle with more disposition. The main equipment for your practice is our own body. But we also use specific techniques and equipment such as Olympic bars and washers, kettlebells, free weights, ropes, boxes, balls, tires, rings, elastics, chains among others. If you identify with this complete physical activity, look for a good Crossfit gym, and start now.

Nowadays, increasingly troubled, agitated and stressful, some professionals are fundamental in our lives, to help us in matters of different natures, and in the area of ​​health, are the professionals most accessed and most needed at any time of the life, be it for our benefit, or for some loved one. One of the most essential health professionals these days is the psychologist, a psychology graduate who has studied a number of theories about why people behave the way they behave, and how it is possible to help them to overcome their difficulties or to develop in some way. The psychologist seeks to help the client understand the causes of their suffering and find ways to overcome it. It does not only serve people with psychiatric disorders (depression, schizophrenia, panic, among others), but anyone who is dissatisfied with some aspect of their life and wants to improve it, such as marriage, work, others. The psychologist is a professional who can help people of different ages, and today it is very common that he acts in the formation of several children, who already have some emotional disturbance. The psychologist seeks to understand the behaviors and mental functions of the human being. It applies scientific methods to understand the human psyche and to act in the treatment and prevention of mental illnesses and to improve their quality of life, and is indicated to all who have dissatisfaction in any scope, whether professional, personal, loving or financial. Adults or children who have thrills, undiagnosed illnesses and relationship problems are some of the cases where it is necessary to seek a psychologist. The follow-up with the professional will probably solve intimate issues, resulting in a lighter, fuller and happier life. The psychologist is a health professional, very versatile, able to work in several sectors, such as: educational institutions, sports clubs, clinics, doctor's offices, penitentiaries and hospitals. More and more we are dependent on professionals to improve our quality of life in all aspects, and certainly the psychologist is a good example, being useful for the whole family.

One of the best moments and pleasures of our day to day, is practice of some physical activity, besides providing numerous health benefits, those who exercise has a longer life expectancy, and is away from certain addictions, which are harmful to health. For those who practice physical activities regularly, it is always good to have some care before exercising, such as stretching. Today, many people in all parts of the world are looking for a qualified professional who will help us to better condition us for sports practices, often assisting in postural correction and the correct way to exercise, without damaging the body. the Personal Trainer, very found by any region of Brazil. A Personal Trainer helps people achieve goals related to their body. It can be a high-performance athlete who wants to improve his performance to compete or a subject who is stressed with work and wants to have a better quality of life. What characterizes a good Personal Trainer, is the dedication on demand to someone's need. That is, he acts as a private teacher who needs to understand what the difficulties of his students are and develop methods so that they can overcome them. If a person has some motor difficulty or a tight schedule, for example, it is up to the personal trainer to set up specific workouts that take care of overcoming these adversities and getting them to the expected results. Doing physical exercise accompanied by a qualified Personal Trainer increases the safety of those who are practicing. As motivated as some people are, they do not always know how to perform the moves in the right way. This causes them to be exposed to injury or muscle pain. The accompaniment is very relevant in this sense, whoever exercises with a personal to the side is guaranteed that his movements and posture will be corrected when necessary, taking more advantage of exercise and staying away from uncomfortable sensations. If you need to improve your fitness, look for a good Personal Trainer, and follow your guidelines and exercises to the letter, surely the results achieved will greatly benefit your life.

The Brazilian people each year will become healthier, and several factors contribute according to the research. One factor that contributes greatly to the improvement of the quality of life of each individual is the practice of physical or bodily activities, which can be done daily or sporadically, but always beneficial to our body and body. One of the most performed corporal activities in several regions of the planet and here in Brazil, is massage, a therapeutic body art cultivated for many years by many peoples, and today, popularized all over the world for offering many benefits. In our country it is very easy to find good massage therapists in Brazil, for decades we have offered a good structure for the practice of this therapeutic body activity, in any Brazilian region that you are, there will always be a great pole totally focused on the universe of massage. The number of masseuses in Brazil impresses and encourages, and all are suitable in various techniques, with their preference always on the agenda, promoting a lot of health and a considerable life improvement to its practitioners. For you who are adept in this healthy way of conducting life, knowing that there are good masseur professionals in Brazil, in clinics of great reference and very well structured, is a great comfort, as it will guarantee an easy access to practice this body activity that you both esteem. As Brazil is a country that generates an intense and great flow of foreign tourists, the search for masseurs by Brazil is constant, and it is in any city in the northeastern sertão, or in any Brazilian coastal city, and especially in the great Brazilian capitals, always there will be easy access to the best massage therapists in Brazil. So if you are thinking of taking a trip through Brazil, be it with friends or family, remember that our country offers an excellent structure dedicated to the service of relaxing massages, with great clinics and highly trained professionals, allowing it to be found with a lot of variety and quality, different masseuses for Brazil, all very well prepared to offer moments of great well-being and relaxation, always taking the innumerable health benefits that only this millennial body activity proposes.

One of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world is located in our country, in the southeast region and is the largest city in Latin America, if you imagined the city of São Paulo, right. This gigantic city, is the capital of the state of São Paulo, one of the richest in the country, and is one of the favorite tourist destinations of millions of people, arriving from different countries of the world and various parts of Brazil. São Paulo offers a plethora of attractions for all ages and ages, as well as a lot of structure to get around and enjoy its charms. São Paulo offers the best services from all over Brazil, regardless of the segment or area of ​​activity, the city offers an incredible variety and quantity. Many traditional services throughout the city for decades, are still found very easily throughout its extension, such as the massage service in São Paulo, one of the most active, requested, structured and ancient of all Brazil. Whether in any region of the city you are, there will always be a clinic focused on the massage universe with easy access and with a lot of structure, always offering varied techniques of this therapeutic body activity that for generations has been promoting good habits and health throughout the four corners of the world. The Paulistano has already incorporated this relaxing activity into their daily life, and every day the masseurs in São Paulo are applying various techniques in practitioners and beginners throughout the city, promoting a new lifestyle, with much health and less stress. The life of those who live or work in the capital of São Paulo is not easy, traffic, noise, agglomerations end up bothering, and many people need to relieve their tensions productively and with great wisdom, for this a large number of people, realized that the practice of daily massage, helps to rebalance the body, and maintain its proper functioning. If you have not yet experienced these health benefits, be sure to relax and get acquainted with the techniques offered by the best masseur professionals in São Paulo, and enjoy moments of total relaxation, relieving muscular aches and pains.


The city of São Paulo is a great place to live, spend the holidays, shop, do sports, go out to the ballad, in short, it is a complete city that works 24 hours a day, always offering a good structure to all its residents and visitors. For this reason, the city is one of the most visited in Brazil, by people from other parts of the state of São Paulo, other regions of Brazil, and by various tourists arriving from different locations on the planet. And whoever arrives in São Paulo never regrets, because there are attractions for all people, independent of age and social class, because Sampa is very eclectic, and is shaped to meet and receive everyone with great efficiency. A region of the city stands out in several aspects, it is the southern region, and in it are the best services in various sectors of the whole city. Going deeper in the southern region of the city of São Paulo, stands the neighborhood of Vila Mariana, a very traditional neighborhood of São Paulo, which centralizes excellent conditions and structures, in order to live with a high quality of life. The Vila Mariana region covers small neighborhoods such as Paraíso, Ana Rosa, Cambuci, Vila Clementino, Santa Cruz, among others, and all the quality of these locations make Vila Mariana an ideal place for you to plan your life there , as the neighborhood offers excellent colleges and renowned colleges, a great structure in bars and restaurants for six leisure moments, several shopping centers located in traditional streets and specific galleries, several malls, cinemas and theaters, as well as covering the region of Parque do Ibirapuera, traditional source of leisure of the paulistano.

Finally, the Vila Mariana region is the perfect place for you to plan your life, whether in family or alone, as the region offers a great structure for your family, as well as being an easily accessible region, as it has some subway and several conventional bus lines that access this region.

So look around Vila Mariana, and you will discover for yourself all the advantages and benefits that this neighborhood offers.

Due to our increasingly busy routines, lack of time and increased anxiety, more and more people get health problems caused by their sedentary lifestyle. Most of the time people begin to practice physical activities when they realize that they are already obese or facing some kind of health problem, and some of these people decide to do physical activities without the necessary medical supervision, that is, on their own what can be a big mistake and further aggravate the situation.

The harms that the practice of physical exercise without medical monitoring can cause are worrying, among them we can cite as the main physical injuries, the appearance of heart and joint problems.

But how to leave behind the sedentary lifestyle and change your life correctly?

The ideal is to always look for a specialist and see how to start your workout, the professional has studied for many years and he is able to say what is best for you. Do not forget to make a balanced diet and do not go too thirsty to the pot, do not hurry, each one has its own metabolism and we must respect it.

Tip: Stretching before starting your walk or jogging will improve your performance and prevent the onset of new injuries, hydrate yourself properly, and prepare yourself for new challenges.

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